Saturday, August 13, 2011

Common Sense Illustrated

Via Technabob:
Back in April, the government cut the funding for SETI out and the project went offline for the first time. In an effort to start looking again for E.T., SETI held a fund raiser.

The goal was to raise the money that the project would need to go back online. The number that the scientists decided was needed to bring SETI back was $200,000. They started taking donations and with three days left in the program, the team had already raised $207,000.
As I'm sure someone once said before me, if it's a good idea, it can make it without government funding. If it's a bad idea, then the government shouldn't be funding it, anyway.

Can we put public TV & radio on the block next, please? I know Sesame Street would get picked up by some network in a heartbeat, but I'm VERY curious to see how the rest of that liberal politi-screed garbage would fare.

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  1. I'm pleased to learn that SETI is still around.