Tuesday, August 9, 2011


College student whining that she'll no longer be elligible for food stamps:
"Students should be focusing on their education, not whether or not they'll be able to eat dinner or whether they can manage to find a job and balance it on top of their studies,"
Yeah... "on top of their studies".

I think she means on top of parties, drinking, hanging out at bars, TV, Facebook, texting, and possibly video games. Because a job will definitely cut into those.

Anyway, whiner, shut up and eat your 10-for-a-buck ramen noodles.

As for the job, try working at a pizza place. They'll feed you once per shift, plus there's always burns, mis-makes, and returns.


  1. I'm growing weary of the perceived "right" to something one can't afford. Get a job, save some money, and when she has enough money to afford to go to school, go.

  2. Get up at 4am and work the breakfast shift at the dorm's dining hall like I did. Not much else going on at that hour so there won't be any scheduling conflicts.

  3. I think College Student is probably just getting to bed at 0400, Inno.

    She should wait tables at a mexican restaurant -- usually all the rice and beans you can eat, for free.

    No, I'm not gonna leap into the gaseous side-effects of all the rice and beans one can eat. Although it is tempting.

  4. It' not 10 for a buck..there 10 for a $1.98 at walmart..and I find them rather tasty....I guess that's because I don't "have to" eat them, I eat them because I want to.

  5. I bought a ...flat at Wally-world yesterday (24@ $.15) for $3.60 and the pretty packaged ...multi-pack (12) was about $4.25 -on sale.

    The wife said something about that and I told her "Convenience has a price."