Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Thought I Knew Him From Somewhere

Mr. T, that is:
While he was in his late twenties, Tureaud won two tough-man competitions consecutively.[21] The first aired as "Sunday Games" on NBC-TV under the contest of "America's Toughest Bouncer" which included throwing a 150 lb stuntman, and breaking through a four-inch wooden door.[22] For the first event, Tureaud came in third place. For the end, two finalists squared off in a boxing ring for a two-minute round to declare the champion. Making it to the ring as a finalist, his opponent was a 280 pound Honolulu bouncer, Tutefano Tufi.[23] Within twenty seconds "Mr. T" gave the six foot five competitor a bloody nose, and later a bloody mouth. He won the match and thus the competition.[24] The second competition was aired under the new name "Games People Play" on NBC-TV. When interviewed by Bryant Gumbel before the final boxing match, Mr T. said, "I just feel sorry for the guy who I have to box. I just feel real sorry for him."[25] For this second competition the final event of the fight was scheduled to last three rounds, but Mr. T finished the fight in less than 54 seconds. When Sylvester Stallone spotted Mr. T in this second airing, it is strongly believed that the interview with Bryant Gumbel was worked into the scene of the Rocky movie that originated his famous line "I don't hate him but...I pity the fool."

I actually remember Mr. T from the "America's Toughest Bouncer" show in 1980, before he got the A-Team gig.

Not easy to forget a big black guy with a mohawk crashing through a door. The image is seared, SEARED into my memory.

Why was I watching that? Because I lived at home, we had one TV, 3 networks to choose from, and Dad thought it was better than whatever dross was on ABC or CBS that night.

Anyway, Mr. T has quite an interesting bio. Check it out.

[SBA day 4]

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