Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keyboard Update

As an experiment, I actually DID pop the "Insert" key off my keyboard.

After 2 weeks of nearly non-stop typing on this puppy, (it's part of my day job) I can honestly report that not only do I not miss it, I've also never accidentally hit the stump of a button under where the key was.

Seriously, this is the hot-pink fuzzy-dice of keyboard mods. I'm lovin' it.

The "Insert" key is still in my desk drawer if I ever really need it again, but I just can't picture ever going back.

1 comment:

  1. *heh* For years, I've packed high-density foam under my capslock keys to avert accidental triggering of THAT annoyance. Insert keys haven't been as big an issue for me, though, and since my laptop's Insert key is my primary Delte key and only triggered as an Insert key when combo'ed with the Fn key, nottaproblem... for me.

    I still do the capslock key treatment on all my desktop keyboard, though.