Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quick Question

Is it legal in Wisconsin to mow your lawn with a napalm strike?

Don't get me wrong, I admire the enthusiasm of the grass's growth rate, but I'm tired of thinking, "Huh. Needs mowing again," every time I look out the window.

[SBA day 9]


  1. my favorite lawn story comes via the Air Force, who saw fit to send us the middle east for a nice summer stay and base housing proceeded to send out threatening letters for not keeping lawns neatly trimmed and all that.

    so when we finally got back, several of the guys bought some grass killer and solved to problem on a more long term basis and evidently that was OK.

  2. Napalm, while fairly easy to make has it's drawbacks as gardening equipment. Seems that if one uses it too close to the house the house and everything in it goes away. I doubt your sweetie would like that.

    Concrete is better. It gives you extra parking spaces and, if you need to pull an oil change, there you are, a place to lay down without gettin' red ants down the back of your trousers.

  3. Say, you got any ideas why Blogspot won't let me post on my blog? And here I have to use something besides my Blogger ID, it says that I must allow cookies. Hell, I allow cookies, milk, brownies and girls with low morals. I have my whole blogging world open and yet whenever I hit "Publish" it just sits there like a Democrat with civil service protection.

  4. Harvey, as a NW Louisiana guy that more than loves mowing his grass every 5 days...and has been beset with such a drought that it's not been necessary for a month, I'd swap with ya'.

    I swear...this is stinkin' NW Louisiana. It's supposed to be green, and humid, and easy to grow junk. Louisiana Summers are what I live for! Okay, I'm weird, but I love me some hot, humid, extremely wet weather.

    Okay, I'm weird.

    This one has dang near kilt me. Sucks!

    The whole world has turned upside down. Cuttin' grass continually in Wisconsin, and a barren wasteland in Louisiana?


    Reminds me of when I lived 8 miles from the New Mexico border in SW Colorado. I mean, it's like, if I wanted to live in a barren wasteland, I'd move back there.


    Man, that was a retarded comment. Never mind...

  5. They have roomba for the lawn... buy one of those little machines that just run around all day cutting grass. ;-)

  6. VW - Saw it, want it, lawn's too small to justify it.

    But definitely want it.