Friday, August 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

Jackson admits that it is absolutely true; she is compensating for something. In fact, she is compensating for a number of things: For her kids who are too small to defend themselves, for being a sedentary middle-aged woman, for wanting a decent back-up plan if luck doesn't work, and for not "wanting to be the dead victim of the next murder the local police will be investigating after it happens."

If you believe in gun rights, what are you compensating for?
Puppy Blender's wife says "I'm compensating for being too weak to carry a whole cop around with me."

Me? I'm compensating for being a peaceful man with no hand-to-hand combat experience. Without an unfair advantage, everything I own or love is forfeit if someone decides to take it from me, and I know it.


  1. What the "fair fight" lobby fails to understand is that big, strong men already have an unfair advantage. People with lots of experience fighting already have an unfair advantage. People with martial arts training already have an unfair advantage. People with a professional security detail already have an unfair advantage. And, People who autonomically dismiss the rules of civilized behavior already have an unfair advantage.

    Having a gun and knowing how to use it doesn't make life fair. But it does reduce the risk of someone taking unfair advantage of you.

  2. "God created man, Sam Colt made them equal."

  3. Drive an antigunner up the wall. Simply tell 'em that"the only reason I carry a handgun is so I can fight my way to my shotgun."

    There is a reason that whenever an LEO really expects a chance of gunplay we pile out of the cruiser with either a rifle or a shotgun.

  4. Harvey, I am 5'9", roughly 145 pounds. In my job I am sometimes called upon to try to settle down enraged men twice my size (or more), or groups of folks that are upset with each other.

    It is amazing how calm most upset giants get when a little guy walks in with a weapon on his belt.

    Amazing. Yeah...I'm compensating, too.

  5. I'm compensating for the fact that I can't point my finger at a thug, say "BANG!", and have their cranium explode into a crimson shower of brains in the street.