Monday, August 22, 2011

A-Team So Far

After hearing that the A-Team movie was "fun" (and by golly it really was), I found myself wondering if the TV series was as good as I remembered, or if it was just the nostalgic haze talking.

Turns out... yeah, that's fun, too. It ain't Shakespeare, but - unlike the chaff-cluttered wasteland of network reality TV - at least it has a script with the occasional clever line. I miss scripts with clever lines. Modern TV execs are too cheap to pay writers to come up with them any more.

Thanks to Netflix, I'm 13 episodes in so far, and I'll toss out of few random observations:

1) In every episode, a car WILL go up into the air and land on its side or roof.

2) Surprisingly, BA has yet to pity a single fool. He HAS growled at quite a few suckers, though. Also, for being the team's muscle, he does a lot less brawling than you'd expect. Mostly he just intimidates (and does it well).

3) Hannibal is a dangerous lunatic who ENJOYS running directly into machine gun fire. Face is a pathological liar, and Murdoch is certified nuts by the state of California. BA is the only sane member of the team. He's not crazy at all. Just irritable.

4) Apparently it's amazingly common to be able to fire an automatic weapon from the back of a car bouncing down a dirt road, and have all the bullets strike in a perfectly straight line 6 inches to the side of your target's front tire. Absolutely uncanny, that.

5) Dwight Schultz is a far more versatile actor than you would ever suspect from his role as Barclay in Star Trek.

6) Good luck getting that theme song out of your head.

[SBA day 3]


  1. A-TEAM was also produced back in an era where people getting bloody was not considered appropriate for prime time. So in every episode, they expend 1000 rounds of mini-14 ammo and when the dust clears, all the bad guys get up and surrender without a mark on them. Similarly, in McGuiver, something always blows up but no one gets hurt.

  2. Yeah. Thanks for that theme song thing.

  3. Hey, I liked 'Broccoli'!

    Oh crap, my closet trekiness is showing.

  4. I've got the theme from Greatest American Hero in my head right now. A-Team's theme isn't able to trump it.

    The guy playing Murdoch is great. It's hard to tell if he really is nuts, or if it's mostly an act. Frankly, they're all a bit nuts considering what they're doing, but in a good way.

  5. I remember watching 'Star Trek' and laughing my ass off seeing him as Barclay. And then he played a crazy man (sort of) on Babylon 5.