Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thought While Watching My New Kitten Explore Her Environs

Cats, while curious, are not typically dumb enough to be suicidal. They know when to quit. Most of the worst strain of stupid was bred out of them in Egypt. All the truly moronic cats died falling off the pyramids before they were old enough to breed.

The paw of Darwin is tough, but fair.


  1. >>>died falling off the pyramids

    OK, that evoked a funny memory of Eddie Murphy's stand-up routine where he describes his fat Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs.

    "Ow! Oof! Hepp me, Jesus! Ouch! My shoe!"

  2. The music sucks, but this video proves that there's still a few genes for stupid still in cats:

  3. Yeah, I put the word "most" in there for a reason :-)

  4. Can't top Inno.


    Plus, I've watched a few innovative cats in my time. Not to mention lizards.