Friday, September 2, 2011

Does This Really Matter?

From Hope n'Change
And so The Greatest Speech Ever Given, by the Smartest Man Who Ever Lived, is now being moved up to 7 pm so that it won't interfere with the football game...even though it means few, if any, people living on the West Coast will be able to see it (at 4 pm, local time).

I'm not buying "poor deprived West Coasters" as a legitimate complaint.

How can this honestly be an issue? It's 2011. Everybody in the country with indoor plumbing and electricity owns a VCR unless they've replaced it with a DVR. Inconvenient program scheduling is not a conflict for anyone. All of America has been time-shifting shows for decades. It's second nature, and it's done without a second thought.

I'm not blaming HnC for missing this point, he was busy researching and writing his cartoon (which is a daily read for me, by the way, his stuff is unerringly brutal on the idiocy of this administration) and it just slipped by. Besides, it originated with some too-smart journalist elsewhere.


  1. I think what he meant to say is that few West Coasters will be subjected to the preempting of the show they really wanted to watch and so won't have to see it. At least that's how I interpreted the words he used based on the Official Heresolong Dictionary.

  2. So, are they saying that it won't be on the internet, to be watched whenever we feel like it? Like everything else we want to watch?

  3. As it is, I will likely be watching a cat playing a piano on Youtube at that time. Bonus if I can find one with a dog singing along.

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  5. "And so The Greatest Speech Ever Given, by the Smartest Man Who Ever Lived. . ."

    Rush Limbaugh?