Saturday, September 17, 2011


Stolen from Violins & Starships:

1. Favorite candy - Full-size Milky Way candy bars (also the, sadly, discontinued Chocolate Tastations)

2. Favorite movie - Princess Bride (SO quotable)

3. Favorite drink - Diet Dr. Pepper (used to be Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper, but that was discontinued)

4. Favorite dessert - cheesecake

5. Favorite city - San Francisco. Certainly not for the politics or the availability of parking spaces (or the fact that it was where I discovered that an automatic transmission car CAN roll backwards while in a forward gear). However, in my Navy days, I was stationed right across SF Bay in Alameda, and when the work was done on the ship for the day, I'd head to SF & see what was to be seen. By the time I left for the East Coast a couple years later, I knew that city better than 3/4 of the natives. It was a fun place. I've been back a few times to visit a great-aunt-in-law, and it still is.

6. Favorite pastime - Surprisingly, it's still blogging, even though it's technically also my day job.

7. Favorite clothing - Summer: tank top, shorts, socks & sandals (hey, I'm married, I don't have to look stylish). Winter: sweats - big & baggy.

8. Favorite animal - Cats. Got 5. I like the fact that they just seem so unbelievably HAPPY to be near me. They're like Tribbles with faces.

9. Favorite flower - Rose. I'm a classic romantic. I've given one to my wife every month on our anniversary since we've been married. Next up: #150

10. Favorite music - Blue Oyster Cult. I didn't mention this before, but when I went to SF in my Navy days, it was by bicycle. That's right, I'd ride my bike from the base in Alameda (where they keep the nuclear wessels), through the Posey Tube, and hop the BART into The City. And yes, riding uphill sucked just as much as you'd imagine it would, but on the other hand, I didn't have to worry about finding a parking spot. All I needed was a street sign or lamppost. Anyway, I had a Walkman strapped to my hip for the journey, and in the couple of years I was there, I wore out three cassettes of "On Your Feet, Or On Your Knees".

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