Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Clean 78s and 33s

Thought I'd pass this along.

For your LP's, you can use wood glue:
Now, I didn’t think that this was some sort of troll post that was trying to get people to destroy their old records, but I didn’t fully expect it to work well either. My prediction was that the record would look new and shiny, but essentially sound the same. Boy was I ever wrong.

It sounded like a completely new record; there are no more snaps, crackles or pops! To make sure my ears weren’t fooling me, I flipped to the other side which I hadn’t cleaned. Sure enough, it sounded terrible. So with just a few dabs of cheap wood glue, my old record was given new life. Fix approved.

Yes, that sounds weird, but he's got before & after audio clips proving that it works.

You can't use this method on 78s, though, because they're not made of vinyl. For these, use a mixture of dish soap and water and a very fine bristle brush.


  1. So is this good advice, or are you just a bad example?

  2. Moderately good advice (Bad Example's just the blog name).

    On 78's I use warm soapy water and a soft cloth, and rub gently WITH the grooves, not across them. Rinse them off and try to to wet the label. The red Columbia labels are not colorfast.