Monday, September 5, 2011


Via the Puppy Blender:
Because I had my iPad with me at the time of the accident, I was able to immediately notify my friends and family of what had happened once I arrived in the ER. . . . I did briefly leave my iPad with my wife during the surgery itself, but she gave it back to me immediately after the surgery. Other than that, it did not leave my side while in the hospital.

While in the hospital after my surgery, I used the iPad to read eBooks, check my e-mail, surf the internet, and keep up my regular blogging. It was a real morale booster to be able to continue as much of my regular online routine as possible, despite my impaired physical condition.

Yeah, because you can't do any of that with a laptop, right?

Jobsian tool.


  1. I can remember how much the laptop helped after my stroke and how with a little bit, okay a lot of help from a certain bearded blogfather who shall remain nameless but greatly appreciated I managed to blog my stroke and hospitalization, even though for a while my brain wasn't working very well*. I'm not sure of the brand of the laptop, though. I'm writing this on a Toshiba laptop with a Dell keyboard plugged in. I'm connected to the Internet by a Verizon wi-fi card. I'm still trying to figure out how to connect my big Dell to the wi-fi.

    Do I need to also mention the name of my electric co-op that charges the laptop? Perhaps I should mention the water company that supplies the water for my coffee.

    *Please, no comments on it not working now.

  2. Can't believe you forgot to thank Al Gore for the internet.

    Ingrate! :-P

  3. It's kinda hard to carry my desktop around. Yes, I live in the stone age.