Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Thinking She Just Has No Soul

Embedding's been disabled, but you should watch this video.

At a 9/11 ceremony, during the flag-folding portion, Michelle Obama, turned to Barack and said something. Barack nodded yes. Then Michelle made a disgusted face and shook her head.

Now, the most charitable lip-reading I've heard was that she said, "all this just to fold a flag?", but that's not necessarily definitive.

What IS definitive is that she made a disgusted face at a 9/11 ceremony, and it wasn't because she was thinking about the people who did this.

I'll just describe this as "inappropriate", and mention in passing that I'm leaving out the half-a-dozen or so sailor-talk adjectives that belong in front of that word.

[SBA day 27]


  1. How dare you criticize the woman who took our french fries away from us?

    Oh, wait. Have at it. With a nail-studded 2x4.

  2. This looks like a job for LLEEEERRROOOYYY!! JENKINS