Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tea Party Zombie Killing Game

Ok, this is just weird.

There's a new zombie shooting game with a marketing hook that has a distinct appeal to a certain segment of the population, and all anybody wants to talk about is that it's "offensive" because the zombies are named after outspoken Republicans.


What I want to know is, is it fun to play?

Look, I've been hooked on Doom, and I've been hooked on Peggle, and I've been hooked on all sorts of games in between. The ONLY criteria to judge a video game by is whether it's fun.

And until I hear an honest review that covers that aspect, I'm out of the conversation.

Oh, and I'd try playing it myself, but I don't want to boost the traffic stats for this guy if the game is boring, repetitive, non-intuitive, unchallenging, and has unresponsive controls.


  1. Think the guy that made this game got all bent out of shape about the cross-hairs on the map?

  2. Buffoonery from the left is normally not fun. If you find any exceptions, let me know. I like fun.

  3. Watched a video of it. Looks cumbersome and dull. The zombies are the old style. Slow and easy to avoid. Left 4 Dead is light years ahead.

  4. I've only played a few levels so far and it's boring. For the levels I played your character is in a very small area and zombies just appear out of nowhere; no climbing through windows or breaking through doors and barricades--they just pop in like popcorn. I will try to play again later, but I doubt the later levels will be more fun.

  5. the game is terrible, but the Michele Bachmann bra and pencil skirt zombie is hot.....I play too many video games