Monday, September 19, 2011

While You're At It, Make Pluto a Planet Again

Inconvenient scientific truth of the day. Bet you have this repressed within an hour. I know *I* certainly plan to:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #208,571)

[SBA day 31]


  1. This is clearly going to get some 4th graders into deep doo doo. What are elementary school teachers going to teach when we take away all of their clearly arbitrary hard numbers and insist on logical consistency?

    There are 9 planets because I said so, smartass.

    Sure, little johnny can name every land mass larger than Easter Island, but if he doesn't write down the number 7, he is still getting an F.

  2. What the hell?...It's been eight hours since I watched this and my nose finally stopped bleeding and the sight has returned In my right need to warn people when you do shit like this you've warped my fragile little mind curse you.