Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wrong Focus

Ok, so there's this "Fast and Furious" scandal where people are upset that the government sold guns to murderous Mexican drug cartels who shot people with them.

Am I the only one who thinks that the problem here is that murderous Mexican drug cartels are shooting people?

Update: Looks like the sales the ATF made were illegal and would've landed a legitimate gun dealer in prison. Ok, we can get worked up about that, too.


  1. They were going to be doing that anyway. it is already illegal and there are already thousands of government people devoted to stopping it (or at least punishing it).

    It is a scandal that the US government is helping the cartel get guns that they then use to kill American Law enforcement people. it is a further scandal that the current administration is doing this to manufacture a statistic about "American guns getting into the hands of Mexican criminals" so that they can pass new laws restricting gun ownership by Americans.

    Yes, criminals acting like criminals is a problem, but not a new problem. The government acting like criminals is a scandal and the real issue here.

  2. If the Mexican people want to have fewer drug cartels shooting them, one might suggest that they do something about it. If we are going to help one side or the other, why would it be the cartels?

  3. Even with the F&F guns, most of the guns that the cartels are using are not American. Even with the F&F guns, most of the guns from the USA that the cartels have been using are not F&F guns but from the Defense Dept. We send various military weapons to Mexico, then Mexican soldiers desert to the cartels, bringing their shootin' irons. Then the DOD sends more hardware, lather, rinse and repeat.

  4. Peter, you are looking at the larger problem, which is also the older problem. It is one thing when we sell the government of Mexico guns to fight the drug cartels and then those guns get sold by the Mexican government to the cartels. it is a completely different animal when the US government, in violation of its own laws, coerces gun stores to participate in straw purchases, and uses federal employees to assist in smuggling, for the expressed purpose of getting the guns into the hands of criminals in Mexico and for the larger purpose to influence domestic American political agendas. And they don't care how many people get killed along the way.