Saturday, October 29, 2011

Die Broke

When I was little, the neighbor kids built a home-made go-cart. Basically out of 2x4's, plywood, and a lawnmower engine. High cool factor (because it was the 70's, the internet didn't exist, and we were all bored), but low practicality.

40 years later, actual grown-ups are offering a vehicle with the same low practicality, but with a $10,500 price tag..

Really? 'Cuz I can buy 5 good used full-size sedans for that price and still have enough left over to buy the parts for a go-cart, plus pay a kid with a strong back to assemble it for me.

I wish these people a slow, painful bankruptcy.


  1. I wonder how much each of those airbags are and what happens after one of 'em get's dinged? Or, for that matter, how long it would be before each of those 'bags is slit with a penknife? I'm a pretty law abiding citizen in my old age but as insufferably "lookit me, I'm so noble" of the average Prius driver, the assholes that would buy these things would be even worse. I'd really have a hard time keeping my pocketknife in my pocket as I walked by.

    And another thing...Remember how California was having all those blackouts and brownouts awhile back? We haven't done much in the way of building any power plants since then, we've controlled our energy usage by shutting down our industry and moving families from their homes to cheap apartments of Obamavilles on the edges of towns. Just where, persactly, are we supposed to get the electricity to charge all these toy electric cars, anyway?

  2. Mexico:

  3. So... when do we get to find out how many millions of dollars in taxpayer money developed that POS?