Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If You Like Queen, You'll Like This

Growing up, I could always recognize Queen on the radio. Freddie Mercury has a very distinctive voice, and he was a very talented vocalist. You don't hear a lot of rock & rollers with that sort of operatic vibrato.

Point is, I know my Queen. So when I tell you that the difference between the studio recording and what this guy does is irrelevant, you can take that to the bank:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #3,964,999)

For comparison.

[SBA day 47]


  1. Pretty good singing. A couple of differences though. He is wearing clothes that a normal guy would wear and he is holding the microphone like a gigantic Montecristo. Freddie Mercury dressed like a tightrope performer and clutched the mic like he was hanging on to a great big .... nevermind. Pretty good singing.

  2. Queen and Steve Miller Band compete simultaneously in my head for the best band, EVER.

    This guy is good.

    Still, ya gotta love the Mercury.

  3. I was thinking wow... pretty darn good... until 1:20 or so... and hot damn. But yes, I agree with Ron Rockstar... Freddie Mercury was a performer and a personality, not just a voice.

  4. Not quite as strong as Freddy, but damn good. How about the guy they actually hired to front the band? Is he any good?

  5. There will never, ever be another Freddie Mercury. I remember a few years ago when the surviving members of Queen went on tour with Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company fame). To his credit, Paul Rodgers is a legendary vocalist himself and he didn't totally embarrass himself singing old Queen classics. But he ain't no Freddie.