Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

From The Hill:
"Herman Cain is definitely not one of the 'good' kind" of African-Americans, McWhorter wrote. "He's darker, less educated and less courtly than Obama, and he couldn't sound 'not black' at gunpoint. And yet he is currently a big hit among precisely the kind of white people who didn't vote for Obama. ... It would seem that his being black doesn't bother them much."
Mighty white of ya, McWhorter.

Fact is, I like Herman Cain BECAUSE he's black.

Or, more specifically, because he has dark skin.

It's like this - when someone I admire has a distinctive feature, I tend to consider it pleasant.

I liked Rollie Fingers' goofy handlebar moustache.

I liked Indiana Jones's fedora.

I would NOT like these features on some scummy, hipster, Occupy Wall Street protester.

You put a cowboy hat on Cain, I'd wanna buy the guy a beer.

Put a cowboy hat on Obama, I'd wanna dump that same beer on his head.

The book makes the cover.


  1. I'd love Cain as President. I like him more than anyone else vying for the nomination.

  2. What, exactly, does "black" sound like? Mr. Cain is black, he's been black all his life. He comes from a long line of black people, on both sides of his family, I might add.

    Sure are a lot of people tryin' to tell Mr. Cain how to be black. Of course when black studies departments were new I got into trouble asking a perfesser how long he had to study to be black, and what about all those kids who were black but had never studied it. Were they, somehow sorta white?

    He got pissed. I did not cry.

  3. "The book makes the cover." damn, Harv. Dipping your big toe into profundity, are you? Not only thwt, but accurate profundity to boot!