Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Figured This Out

Now I know why I like Herman Cain so much.

Watch him in ANY interview (like this rather contentious one with Piers Morgan, or this VERY contentious one with Lawrence O'Donnell): He doesn't stammer. He doesn't stutter. He doesn't say "uh". He doesn't say "um". There is silence between his words, and he's not afraid to let that silence hang while he pauses for thought. He is comfortable with this.

During that silence, you can tell he's choosing his words very carefully and very deliberately.

Then again, most politicians do, so, no big deal, right?

Here's the difference: every other politician I've ever seen chooses his words carefully to avoid saying something concrete that he can be held to later.

Herman Cain chooses his word carefully so that he's sure that what he's saying most accurately represents what he thinks.

Which, in a way, is also "covering his rear", because he believes everything he says, and if you try to call him out on it, he will defend it because he believes that, to the best of his ability to use language at the time, under those circumstances, what he said was true and accurate.

Most politicians strive for ambiguity. Herman Cain strives for precision.

[SBA day 64]

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