Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Kidding Isn't an Excuse

Guy signs up at Catawba Valley Community College, gets credit card spam emails, and posts this on the CVCC's Facebook:
"Did anyone else get a bunch of credit card spam in their CVCC inbox today? So, did CVCC sell our names to banks, or did Higher One? I think we should register CVCC's address with every porn site known to man. Anyone know any good viruses to send them?"

Gets suspended for 2 semesters and banned from campus.

Now, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) defends him thusly:
"The school has some explaining to do as to why (they) are so sensitive to what was honestly not a particularly harsh criticism."

Dude, it wasn't the criticism. It was the threat. And the fact that it was posted publicly. He got what he deserved.

People need to learn that the internet isn't your living room. It's a billboard in Times Square. Choose your words appropriately and live with the consequences.

Oh, and there should be a "delete" key somewhere in your email interface. Very effective at getting rid of spam.

[SBA day 56]


  1. Someone did this to me at my site. They signed me up for all kinds of spam. Yahoo mail filters 98% of it out so I don't even have to hit the delete key.

  2. People are so stupid about that kind of stuff. I was once in an email group where one of the women accused us of giving her email to spammers. What an idiot. I told her so in no uncertain terms and told her not to worry because I would make damn sure she was never on anything I ever responded to ever again. Good lord.