Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Me

So... I'm the only person on earth who hated Steve Jobs and every last substandard product Apple has made in the last 35 years?

UPDATE: Not just me. 10 reasons to hate Apple. I'm mostly all about 4, 6, 8, 9 & 10

More hate here.

UPDATE 2: Ok, just one more. He thought it was a good idea to make a phone - one of the most droppable objects ever invented by man - out of glass.

[SBA day 48]


  1. New from Steve Jobs: The iDied.

    And if you thought the iPhone2 was hard to get, wait until you hear about the requirements for the iDied2.

  2. The first Macs were the absolute be all end all in their day for word processing.

    For ages the Mac was the best stock video editing platforms you could get.

    Past that, apple sucks. I admire the hell out of Jobs' marketing savvy, but they can bury all his iCrap with him.

  3. Harv,

    Life's too short to spend it hating a company. Just do what you're doing and don't buy their stuff.

    My experiences with Apple,

    HS: Apple II. Learned how to program, saving the programs on a 5 inch floppy since there was no internal storage memory. Still light years ahead of the TRS-80 available from Radio Shack.

    College: Had to do some work on an Apple Lisa. What a nightmare.

    Now: 160GB iPod. Holds all my currently ginormous music collection plus probably has space for at least another five to ten years of new additions. Compare this to my original Sony Walkman 2 which held one cassette with 45 minutes of music. I love it.

    Looked at Powerbooks when shopping for new computers, but I agree with #9 on the list of things to hate (actually I agree with all of them but that's another story), too limited a selection, too non-upgradeable, and too expensive. Ended up with a nicely compact Sony VAIO that I can upgrade and cost less than half the Apple. Of course, there are people who hate Sony just as passionately.

    Oh well, what can you say. :)

  4. Most of my hate is theoretical, but it's also very true that I've never used an Apple product without a great deal of frustration and annoyance.

    iTunes is the bubonic plague of software.

    I do try to ignore Apple stuff in general, but it keeps getting waved in my face by smug hipsters in TV, magazines, commercials and movies. It's like a 2am mosquito in your bedroom

  5. "iTunes is the bubonic plague of software."

    Well said, well said.

    When I have to download a second party ap to take music OFF an iPod they can blow me