Saturday, October 8, 2011

Living Embodiment of the Second Amendment

I've mentioned before that I'm going through the old A-Team series on Netflix, and rather enjoying it.

At one point, I found myself wondering, "what are those funny grease-gun looking rifles they keep in the back of the van?".

While finding my answer (Ruger Mini 14 Stainless version with Folding stock), I stumbled across a page that lists every single gun used in the series.

Makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in a country where this many types of guns exist, especially since this is only a tiny representative sample of the whole of the firearms industry.

God bless America, with extra God-blessing kudos to the 2nd Amendment.


  1. Not gonna share the link or just making us work a little?

    I know, is the best site around, huh?

  2. Crap. Forgot to put that in...


    Fixed now.

    Sorry about that.

  3. I really like how we're getting a lot of guns that are clones of the old rifles, shotguns and handguns. We can go to the store and buy a copy of the '92 Winchester or the Sharpe's Buffalo rifles, even Remington rolling Blocks and '97 Winchester shotguns, believed by many to be the finest fighting shotgun ever made.