Saturday, October 1, 2011

Michelle's Target Trip

So... the multi-millionaire pampered-princess First Lady had to PERSONALLY run out to Target to pick up... Lysol disinfecting wipes and Febreeze?

Apparently Consuela, the illegal Guatemalan White House maid, was too paranoid about getting swept up by Immigration to keep the cleaning supply closet properly stocked.

No... seriously... we're expected to believe Michelle does her own cleaning? Really?

Anyway, then there's her outfit.

Look, the only thing I know about women's outfits (which my wife had to teach me) is that to "coordinate", one article of clothing has to have at least one splotch of color that EXACTLY matches the color of another article. But if the splotch only ALMOST matches the color, then it "clashes", and you shouldn't wear it.

Her t-shirt is lime green. The closest her blouse gets is a yellow flower with dark green leaves. That's an almost. That's a clash. And I have no idea what in the world she thinks that purse matches. So we'll just chalk this up as yet another in a long line of Michelle Antoinette's fashion failures.


  1. Her clothes are speckled with skittles straight from the unicorn's ass.

  2. This is just a "slumming" photo op to offset her Drudge headline last week where she was shown with a $40K bracelet. She must be getting touchy about the Marie Antoinette analogies. Just one of the little people, like you. Pay no attention to the tall military guy following me everywhere or the official White House photographer standing by to capture the moment.

    Thee is no way this woman has done any shopping at Target in the past 20 tears.

  3. And the sunglasses indoors. Going incognito at the Target with the secret service entourage. Buying cleaning supplies. Sheesh. What a joke.

  4. Your last paragraph? Power to the truth, indeed. Thank you...I so dearly needed that laugh today.

  5. Shouldn't that picture be on the "People of Wal Mart" website?