Monday, October 31, 2011

Nanny State Wannabe

From AZ Central, some busybody's swabbing the local McDonald's Playland:
when the play area was still dirty days later, she collected samples and paid to have them tested by a local laboratory. She was told they contained pathogens found in fecal material and mucus.

Weeks later and in combination with her summer vacations, Carr Jordan's filth-swabbing and bacteria-testing took her across six states and cost her about $5,000 for lab tests. She was the subject of articles and television shows, and she formed a non-profit corporation with a website called Kids Play Safe to spread the word and seek donations and grants for the tests and lobbying efforts.

Her goal is more government oversight of restaurant play areas, and she said she is frustrated by the lack of response when she shows agencies her lab results.

Kids drip from both ends? What a surprise. I had no idea.

So... why doesn't she get her own restaurant and create the cleanest play area in the world? I'm sure people would flock to it.

Or maybe they wouldn't, since most parents just say "whatever, this is why kids have immune systems."

Whatever the reason, there's no excuse for trying to bring the government's hammer down on a business you can simply choose not to patronize.

Meanwhile, nosy, go get a blog and complain about your bugaboos on the internet like a normal person.


  1. If she did, I would give my children money to go snot and shit in her playground.

    Just from general principle.

  2. I remember going up in the mountains as a kid, the Sierras, up where the snow got pretty high in winter but it wasn't winter yet, only frost in the mornings.

    Anyhow we were up where the big people were hunting, we had to stay close to camp so as to not scare off the critters and hopefully, not get shot.

    Well we didn't get shot but we drank a lot of water from the clear mountain stream. We later found deer poo in that stream, upstream of where we were drinking.

    We did not die. For that matter, we never noticed anything but the water tasting fresher and cleaner than the city water full of chemicals.

    I worry more about the noise level in those places. And the kids that don't know how to act. Bigger kids run right over the littler ones, sometimes, and they don't give a rat's patootie if they knock 'em down.

  3. "screw it, this is why kids have immune systems."

    *heh* Pretty much my reaction when I first saw the poop about this gal. Let her raise her own kids in a bubble.

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