Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Niggerheads the Media Doesn't Care About - UPDATED

Well, some folks are all up in arms about a rock that's had the word "Niggerhead" painted over for decades, and they're so upset that they won't even show a picture of it.

If it were a WMD, they'd be saying it never existed.

Still, I don't see them getting their panties bunched about:

Niggerhead tar soap

Niggerhead golf tees

Niggerhead oysters

Niggerhead tobacco

Niggerhead shrimp

Niggerhead stove polish

Or the slightly more famous Niggerhead rock.

Haven't heard a peep about Black-Eyed Susans, either. Or brazil nuts, for that matter.

My point?

Only that the term was once quite common, and Rick Perry didn't make it up on his own just to be racist. A point the media seems intent on omitting.

Context matters.

UPDATE 10-4-11 7PM:

As Jon Stewart points out, there are still a lot of places in America called Niggerhead.

[SBA day 46]


  1. It's really strange. This rock is in a pasture up in the Clear Fork of the Brazos River country. Back in the day this country was all cattle and the pasture was called the Niggerhead pasture because of that rock.

    A little side note to this Texas history lesson, around a quarter of Texas cowboys were black or Hispanic, although they were called Mexicans, That's got a helluva lot to do with why the Kansas cowtowns had deadlines or sections of town where the cowboys were not welcome. Hollywood has really done us all a grave injustice with the "history" in the western movies. I sometimes wonder what the history of the 20th Century racial strife would have looked like if there had been moving pictures of the real western cowboys huddling under blankets and tarps, in groups through a prairie rainstorm with no thought to race, creed or national heritage. After all, in the real old west, what counted what how one did his work. But I digress.

    The way I've heard this story is that when Perry's dad leased the pasture area for hunting he painted over the rock. Then he later turned the damned rock over so the offending, painted-over, name was further invisible.

    So, somehow Perry is totally at fault for what people named a pasture, decades before his daddy was born.

    Meanwhile the effin' media is doing it's best to stay silent as the United States Government shipped thousands of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico, gangs in Chicago and God only knows who else.

  2. Too bad those Fast & Furious guns didn't have the word "niggerhead" painted on them. The media would be all over that story.

  3. So... were there a lot of Black-Eyed Susans in the pasture, or maybe a head-shaped rock outcropping? Plug tobacco? A cactus?


    Must've gotten the name somehow.

  4. The way I heard it (after the fact) is that the rock was somewhat head shaped with somewhat of a negroid look. Not the first rock in America called 'Niggerhead" and not the last.

    I do kind of wonder about the comparative lifestyles of black folks in Obama's Chicago and Perry's Texas. I'd bet money on Texas.