Sunday, October 23, 2011

Off the Milk Carton

Bloggrandaughter Lee Ann of Lee Ann's View has started blogging again.

And yeah, as you can see by her first post, she's a traditionalist.

Back to the blogroll with ye.

PS By the way, sweetie, ditch the Echo comments NOW. Sorry to say, but there's no such thing as a decent third-party comment system anymore. However, Blogger's native comments have improved over the years and are now adequate.

Instructions here.

[SBA day 65]


  1. OMG... she deleted EVERYthing!?! I don't think I could do that. It was hard enough to make myself share me in the first place.

    Funny that I just "winged it" when I decided to start a blog, but reading over your instructions now, it would appear that I must have been guided by the unseen hand of the blogging gods.

  2. Spockgirl - Yep, it was hard to delete it all and there was ALOT that was there...but that was part of the reason for it.

    If it's a fresh start and to go in whatever direction it's going to go, then I had to unshackle myself from the past and go. Unfortunately I couldn't find a "hide" button to not lose it all, but as I didnt' find that was delete and confirming the multitude of "are you sure?!" messages.