Friday, October 21, 2011

Opportunity Knocking

They're chasing a hawk with a nail through its head.
Red-tailed hawks are protected under federal law and harming one is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $15,000 fine, according to Elise Traub, outreach and policy manager for the Humane Society of the United States' Wildlife Abuse Campaign.

Personally, I say that any hawk that's dumb enough to get that close to a nailgun needs to be taken out of the gene pool before its stupidity infects the entire species, but that's not the point.

My question is, who gets that $15,000, and what does it get spent on? Because "you injured an animal that belongs to no one, so gimme money" sounds like a pretty sweet protection racket to get into. I'm tired of shaking down liquor stores, and I'm looking to branch out into new territory.

[SBA day 63]


  1. I wonder what the fine is for shooting 16 Bengal Tigers out of season? I don't think the Ohio State Police got the waiver they would need from the feds before they went hunting.

  2. It has been my experience that those regulatory agencies that have the least in common with police are the most dictatorial and arbitrary in the exercise of their police power. OSHA, EPA, Parks Dept, and TSA being high on the list. FBI and Federal Marshals, not so bad.

  3. Probably helps fund their SWAT team. I mean, if the Dept of Education has one, why shouldn't whoever is in charge of red tailed hawks. If I was a senior bureaucrat, that's how I would judge my career. I was a failure unless my department ended up with a SWAT team while I was in charge?

  4. They do have a SWAT Team. The Red Tailled Hawk outfit is the same bunch that raided Gibson Guitars, the Fish and Wildlife Service. I shall leave you to wonder exactly why the Fish and Wildlife people have jurisdiction over guitars.

    I will also mention that within my lifetime hunters once took potshots at hawks and eagles because they killed both small game and fawns. These days, of course the tree huggers in Washington, DC have screwed up the local balance of wildlife that today in some places people are getting killed on the highways, running into large critters.

  5. "screwed up the local balance of wildlife that today in some places people are getting killed on the highways, running into large critters."

    If I had a nickel for every damn deer I've nearly hit, I'd have enough money to buy enough ammo to kill every last one of them.

    I already have the desire.

    Seriously, to me, deer are just road hazards. If they were hunted to extinction, I would throw a party.