Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Perfect Non-Sequitur

I can't believe people still say stupid things like this with a straight face:
with hundreds of millions of people living in poverty and going to sleep hungry all over the world, you’d think that others would forgo going for ridiculously expensive goods that are pretty much not worth the dollars they’re sold for.
To Hazel, the writer of this noisome dreck: drop out of school. Whoever's paying for your education is getting cheated horribly.

Wealth does not cause poverty.

[SBA day 58]


  1. It was a while back, I still even had most of my hair. George H W Bush was President and, for some reason, I was awake during the time I normally slept. It was not long before I had to retire. Anyhow I turned on the car radio and, lo and behold, there was some guy talking. I was about to change the station when this guy asked "you ever ask a poor person for a job?"

    That guy was Limbaugh. I started listening more often. By the time George W. Bush ran for Governor the first time I was a brand new Republican Precinct Chairman.

  2. Today I finally boiled down my main disagreement with this type of argument into one sentence:

    You can tax the rich until there are no more rich, but you will never be able to tax the rich until there are no more poor.