Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So What?

From Hot Air:
Since 1959, no Republican has gone on to win the presidency without earning at least 40 percent of the primary vote at this point in the race. Our top tier, meanwhile, is chronically mired in the mid to low 20s


First of all, we're in uncharted territory here. Obama is a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Second, I recall that so many people thought the Dems were doomed in 2008, what with Hillary & Barack going at it hammer & tongs late into the summer, while the got-this-one-locked Republicans were smugly sitting safely on top of the ol' McCain juggernaut.

Statistics and precedent mean nothing next year.

Once the Big 3 finish duking it out, it'll be nothing but sunshine, smiles, and a united front going into November. Mark my words.


  1. One reason we may be having trouble making up our minds is that, so far, every damned debate has been moderated by far left bozos. Can we have one effin' debate moderated by members of the various wings of the Republican Party?