Monday, October 10, 2011

What Facebookers Will Never Be

This is why I blog: to speak crazy to power:
Crazy people are constantly in conflict: with themselves, with the world, with the voices in their heads. Want to know why no one reads your blog? You’re boring. You’re not in conflict, or you have no ability to articulate your conflict, or, more likely, you’re unwilling to share your conflict. That makes you boring and cowardly. A blog isn’t something you write when you feel like it. It’s the digital representation of who you really are. No one wants to read a blog by a boring coward. Because no one wants to be a boring coward.


People like to say the internet makes us stupider. It doesn’t. It makes us all writers. What people chronically fail to understand is that writing is entertainment. We are 21st century entertainers, endlessly tap dancing for an audience we can neither see nor touch, all in hopes of getting something that used to sound like applause.

Only crazy people are willing to play this game, to keep dancing, praying for a fleeting moment they will be seen as they truly are, warped minds and all.
I've written some stuff in my life that made my hand tremble before I hit "post", but I ask my two questions before I make that fateful click:

1) Do I believe this is true?

2) Am I willing to stand behind and defend this truth?

I may have written things that have been of questionable taste, prudence, or humor, but I swear I will never toss a steaming load of overboiled cabbage onto the screen and claim it's ice cream.

[SBA day 52]


  1. That must be why I've never been able to stick to a website for very long; I'm too much of a boring coward.

    I'll add that to my list of self-improvements I need to make. Then maybe I'll start blogging again