Wednesday, October 12, 2011


From Your Black Politics:
"Herman Cain has become, in many ways, the perfect racist... The truth is that racism is typically most effective when you put a black face on it"
Yes, I'm sure the Atlanta chapter of the Klan would be proud to have Cain don a sheet at their next rally.

It's just sad to see an adult who views every single event in life through the warped and clouded lens of race.

[SBA day 54]


  1. Soooo, Herman Cain is Clayton Bigsby? I just don't see it. Guess that means I'm a racist...

  2. It's funny. I know a lot of black folks who live very conservative lives. Most of the married couples who go to church and raise their children, for instance. Yet, somehow, nost of them vote the straight Donk ticket.

    George W. Bush got a higher than expected share of the black vote in his runs for Governor down here and was slated to do the same until that NAACP ad about how it was like James Byrd had been dug to death all over again, this after two of the peckerwood assholes got the death penalty and the one that rolled over got a "you will die in prison" sentence.

    There is an industry centered around keeping blacks on the Democrat plantation. Black "leaders" are well paid to keep blacks in failing schools, with appalling crime rates and despicable living conditions. The vast majority of blacks live in areas run buy Democrats. Whenever the Democrat politicians fail to help create livable communities, everyone blames Republicans. Cain says that since Republicans don't run those areas blacks should look elsewhere to assign blame. For that he must be destroyed.

  3. Pushing the Like button. Repeatedly.