Friday, November 25, 2011

Bad Advice

From Hot Air's Tina Korbe:
Newt has proved his positivity toward his fellow candidates - but "cheerful" is not exactly the word I'd use to characterize his clashes with a couple media personalities. If he can manage to be congenial with them from here on out, that would be the biggest triumph of all. The media - like the electorate - will be kinder to those they like than to those by whom they're merely impressed.

Tina, I'm afraid you're dead wrong. Newt has an R after his name. By definition the media won't like or be impressed by him.

Remember the "Maverick" McCain that the press adored in 2008 before Obama got the nomination? The rose got bloomless the second the Democrat convention was over.

Pandering to the liberal media is an ineffective strategy. Be confrontational. Make this like a court case and let the electorate be the jury. The media doesn't pick the winner, the voters do.


  1. Anyone who still thinks that the media will ever support the Republican nominee is living in a serious dreamworld. We see it year after year.

  2. The electorate needs to approach the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind with torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers.

    I'm (metaphorically, for the benefit of any Janet Napolitano Goon Squad snoops) for using the pitchforks to "hold" Mass MEdia Podpeople in one place long enough to tar and feather 'em... then hand them a lit torch to play with. ("Here, let me help you light those feathers!")

    If Newt can do that verbally, he'd have my enthusiastic support, even with his negative baggage.

  3. I have issues with Newt, but his "let's stop doing the liberal media's job for them by tearing each other to shreds and focus on beating the left" attitude is one I heartily approve of.

  4. Grau - absolutely

    I suspect the whole point of all these Republican debates is so that the liberal moderators can goad Republicans into saying bad things about each other, which Obama can then use in his campaign commercials for the general election.