Friday, November 25, 2011

A Bitter Joke

Having spent 4 years living on one of these, I gotta say they are weepingly inaccurate with the title "24 Hours on an Aircraft Carrier".

[Vimeo direct link]

What they show is "24 Hours with a Carrier's Air Wing".

Which is only 40% of the crew, and not even permanently attached to the ship.

They completely gloss over EVERYTHING that happens below the flight deck.

And I understand. You only have so much time, and all people know is "Top Gun", so you show what they know.

I know better. I know more. I know things that haunt me. I found this video shallow & superficial, and I resent it.

But if you keep in mind that's it's nothing but superficial fluff, it's not bad, production-wise.


  1. When I enlisted, I knew enough people who told me some of the real facts of life being Haze Grey and under-weigh that I joined the Sea Bees.
    Even after boot camp they wanted me to cross-rate to be a nuke.
    I told them "Thanks, no- I like to see the sun."

  2. My Daddy says it's not easy sleeping beneath the flight deck.

  3. Not easy sleeping under the jet engine repair shop, either.

    On the other hand, when you're tired enough (and you usually were), you learn to sleep through anything.

  4. Wow. Beautiful photography but really?

    The purpose of a FOD walkdown is to keep the carrier clean for visitors?

    The aircrew are in the 99.99th percentile? 99.99th percentile of what? All you need is a high school diploma.

    I got used the the air wing being the rock stars but it still bugs me a little bit.

    I was going to post a long list of grievances but realized that nobody cares but me and that this many years later I don't really care that much anymore.

    Nice to see that nothing changes. :)