Saturday, November 5, 2011


Watching the Cain/Newt debate on C-SPAN.

First lesson, Newt doesn't make any better points than Cain, but he does use about five times as many words to make them.

Second, what they both dance around is that, in the end, we need to get the federal government out of its role as a competitor with the private sector in (among other things) the health insurance industry, the retirement savings industry, and the charity industry.

Both guys talked about ways to reduce the fed's footprint in these industries, but neither mentions complete ouster as a goal.

Guess they feel America's not ready to hear those words.

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  1. I really don't trust Newt to respect Constitutional limits to federal power. Not at all. When gently confronted once with a question about where federal power to wage a so-called "war on drugs"came from, since the first real effort to do something like that was Prohibition, which required a Constitutional Amendment (now repealed), his only answer was that things are different now.

    Yeh, they are. There was still some residual respect for constitutional limits to federal power in 1920. Some, at least.