Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Disease For Your Cure

That's our President, who thinks he can fix drug shortages with a wave of his magic autopen.

And of what does this bit of abracadabra consist?:
Under the new orders, the FDA will add six people to the five who are assigned to its drug shortage program. The agency will also add two staff members to its Center for Evaluation and Research.

So, let's see if I follow this logic...

Problem: life-saving drugs not profitable to manufacture, leading to shortages.

Solution: hire more government bureaucrats.


How about the slightly more obvious solution of letting drug prices rise up to a profitable level for the drug companies?

Oh no, no, no! Can't let that happen!

Part of this executive order also aims to prevent "price gouging".

Where "gouging", presumably, means "making enough profit on a drug to make it worth producing."

So, I feel compelled to ask at this point:

Is Obama really that pig-ignorant of basic economics, or is he doing this on purpose because he's a psychopathic tyrant who just wants to watch the country burn?


  1. ...... most likely?..... the latter.....


  2. Saved or created three jobs. See, he really is the best President ever.

  3. There is a third option. Obama is so damned stupid he could fuck up an anvil with a feather duster.

  4. The answer to your question is implicit in the Clower-Piven Strategy that has been The Zero's guiding light since the beginning: he's a psychopathic tyrant who just wants to watch the country burn.