Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Not Watch the New Thing

This came up in conversation recently, so I'm putting this out as a warning about the new "The Thing" movie:

[The Escapist direct link]

I don't always agree with MovieBob's taste in movies, but I have to say he's an honest and objective enough reviewer that when he criticizes a movie's technical aspects, he's always right.

Politically, the man's a flaming liberal, so if he gushes over a movie's theme because it panders to PC tropes, I know to avoid those, but at least he's honest and up-front (if annoyingly unapologetic) about that, too, so at least I know which grain of salt to take his reviews with.

In this case, the theme of the movie never comes up, so I'll just trust him that this thing is a miserable snore-fest.


  1. *heh* He keeps referring to the "original" as the 1982 movie which was a remake of the 1951 movie, "The Thing from Another World" which is usually just referred to as "The Thing" (yeh, I googled for the date). Gotta love the 1951 original original. James Arness as The Thing? When I saw the thing (oh, I'm so punny *sigh*) in the early 60s I kept wondering when Miss Kitty was going to step into the frame...

  2. My apologies for not acknowledging the original original.

    I tried watching that once. Got insanely bored about 30 minutes in and gave up. I've kinda repressed it since.

    Anyway, I refer to Carpenter's Thing as the "original" because the new Thing is essentially a remake with just enough story changes to make it a prequel, as MovieBob describes in his review.

  3. Well, you at least had the excuse of having watched/listened to the reviewer who apparently didn't know of the 1951 movie at all.

    Original (original) was more interesting before the advent of all the gee whiz spesheffects. Imagination in the eye of the viewer and all that. (I said I kept looking for Miss Kitty to pop in, didn't I? *heh*)