Saturday, November 12, 2011

For My Beloved Obsessive Compulsives

If you've ever done anything meticulously and beautifully because there's this... thing... in your head that won't let you do it half-way, even though that's how most people do it - this video's for you:

[MBH direct link]

Substitute "blogging" for knife-making, and this is the story of my life since 2003.

Oh, and if you've never been possessed by an insanity for the achievement of self-chosen standards, don't bother watching this video. It will mean less than nothing to you.


  1. The only field where I have "been possessed by an insanity for the achievement of self-chosen standards" of excellence is one that's completely inaccessible to something approaching (or perhaps exceeding, now) 99% of the population. Heck, while most "enjoy" things they think are excellent in the area, they're completely in the dark about the subject, so excellence in such endeavors are not even noticeable except by the remaining 1%.

    Hmmm... there's probably a meme in there somewhere...

    In other areas of endeavor, I simply try to keep the voices in my head more or less mollified.

  2. Oh, BTW, someone needs to apply Joel Bukiewicz's standards of excellence to the background music on the video, IMO. Not bad, just very not good.

  3. Beautiful life story.

    "Being a part of something..."

    "Dreaming things and making them happen."