Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Die a Little Inside Every Time I See Him Rescue That Sleigh

Speaking of good mashups - Darth Vader as The Grinch:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #31,295)

I'm not sure if this is actually as good as I think it is, or if I'm prejudiced because I just LOVE hearing Thurl Ravenscroft sing that song.

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  1. Ravenscroft's voice is always a joy to listen to. (And yeh, full disclosure, or is it something else *heh*, I have a very tenuous, third-party connection to his work. I once spent a grueling recording session in a booth at Capitol with Bud Cole--what?!? was that really 40 years ago?!?--who produced a lot of Ravenscroft recordings, as well as playing various instruments/directing instrumental accompaniments for his work. Sometimes credited as "Buddy Cole".) For some other really fun, Not for General Consumption Nowadays *sigh* check out some Mellomen recordings--some good barbershop stuff featuring Ravenscroft's bass voice in the harmonies. (The group also did a lot of backup for recordings by other artists--Rosemary Clooney springs to mind.)

    Sending a link to this to Lovely Daughter who has made a personal tradition of watching The First Airing of the Season of TGWSC but missed it this year. I can generally manage to watch two to three minutes of TGWSC before clicking away. Having this recording of the high spot of the show is nice.