Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm So Old

Not only do I know what the "Scroll Lock" button on my keyboard is for, I've actually used it for its intended purpose.


  1. The amazing part to me is that it's still there instead of replaced with something that is currently useful.

  2. What? You're not running DOS? :-)

  3. Wasn't it the F2 key that would retype your previous line if you held it down?

    I also remember when you typed in passwords and couldn't make a mistake because the "backspace" key was a character just like any other.

    And people complain about how hard Windows is to use. :)

  4. And don't forget the worst part of the bad old days:

    8 character limit on file names.

  5. 8 characters is more than anyone would ever really need. If you think otherwise, you obviously need to tighten up your naming convention.