Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the Interest of Justice

I was visting Richmond of One for the Road, and while waiting for Sunday Night Football to start, we killed time watching the American Music Awards.

Nicki Manaj did some horrible thing that included gyrating her chunky bottom around in a robot costume while lip-synching some awful mouth-noise to a hypnotically boring beat.

I hear she did well.

I immediately hated her. Her "music" lacks both imagination and talent. She sounds exactly like everyone else in her genre.

And that bothers me. I prefer to watch people perform who are very good at what they do and enjoy doing it.

Like Jon Gomm:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #255,958)

You are NOT supposed to play the guitar like this, but he does it because breaking the "rules" allows him to create something better, and more beautiful, than he could do within their constraints.

Nicki Manaj breaks rules because she's a pouty child with daddy issues who just wants to draw attention to herself. Does anyone honestly think she cares in the least about quality or beauty?

Look, everyone wants to stand out. Everyone wants to be different. Nobody wants to be normal. But there are two ways to stand out from the crowd: you can be better than everyone else, or you can be worse.

My opinion is that that would be Jon and Nicki, respectively.

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  1. Almost all (subtract the scratching, which works only because of the attached mic, but does indeed work well for his application) of his guitar techniques are directly derived from or reasonable extensions of the classical and flamenco guitar techniques I grew up thinking WERE guitar technique. (That old, eh? *heh*) Good stuff, Maynard.