Saturday, November 5, 2011

Probably Not What I Was Supposed to Notice

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #93,180)

Guy opens a can with a spoon.

Pretty cool.

But what caught my attention is this:

He is not speaking English (although he does say "brothers and sisters" like an emcee saying "ladies and gentlemen" - not sure what that's about). Yet at the 55 second mark, he pauses for thought, and fills the silence by saying "um".

Which I know is quite common for native speakers of English, but in most foreign-language videos I've seen, the silence-filler of choice is some variation of "aah".

Anyone with foreign language experience, please comment.

(Update: apparently he's from the Philippines, so I guess he's speaking Tagalog.)


  1. Not what I was supposed to notice: Some guy from the other side of the freekin' globe just has to be wearing a Utah shirt... The week after Utah embarrassed my OSU Beavers...

  2. Well- it makes a smoother cut than a P-38 we had from our C-rats and it's just as fast, but I can open a can without seeing it and without a table to press against.

    Besides, You can use a P-38/John Wayne to time a Ma-Deuce.

  3. I'd like to see him try that with a can from 20 (or even 5-10) years ago, before lids--especially--began being made with metal one can almost see through. I'd be pretty darned impressed then (until/unless the contents of those older cans made him toss his cookies, of course *heh*).

  4. Well, it wasn't 50 years ago, but in '68 I learned how to open a coke can with the base of my M-14 20-round magazine.