Thursday, November 3, 2011


So Deace FINALLY came clean with Cain's "inappropriate" comment:
"Cain said, 'Darling, do you mind doctoring my tea for me?'" Deace said.

Anyone who's offended by that has NO business working in a job that requires her to deal with the public.

Seriously, darling, put on your big-girl panties and lighten up.

I had a feeling that whatever Cain said was, at worst, one of those things people say when they think the mood is a jovial, "we're all friends here" vibe, which was followed by the sound of a phonograph needle being dragged across a record as some wet blanket snaps a 180 and makes everything go all silent and serious.

Wow. Offended by a Southern guy using a fatherly term of endearment in a casual social situation.


Well, as they say down South, "bless her heart."


  1. I call women "hun" all the time, and that's no different (to me) than "darling" the only difference between the two words for me is that I'd likely reserve "darling" for someone I knew a bit better and liked a bit more.

  2. Perhaps it was that G. You know -- us southerners drop our Gs, so it shoulda been Darlin'. Or, if he was in New Orleans, it woulda been Baby.

    I don't think the woman has the stones to work in the South.

    Bless her heart.

  3. This is about the level I expected this to "rise" to.

  4. For Shit's sake.....If that's a problem I'd have been fired 2 years 9 months ago (2 weeks after my arrival.)

    I call EVERYONE honey, dear or dude. In fact that guys get worried if I call 'em Dude because they think I might be mad at them.......

    for cryin' out loud......