Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scratching My Head

Saw this at Winning at Everything:

My first reaction was the same as yours: "Ha ha! Look at the tiny cop car!"

But then I noticed a few things that didn't quite make sense.

It's got one of those super-long European license plates. But the emergency number in EU countries is 112 (or 999 in the UK).

It's not crystal clear, but it looks very much like it says "In God We Trust" on the back (slightly less fuzzy version of the pic at the link above).

So, ya think this thing is real, or is it just someone who likes old 80's bands?


  1. It also says "Sheriff" on the back and law enforcement officers aren't called sheriffs in any Euro country that I know of. I'd say "Photoshop".

    Nicely done, though you'd think they could get a picture of a smart car from the US.

  2. Oh, hence the rock band reference. I really need to click on all your links before commenting.

  3. That one may just be a photoshop, but in Florida. . .

  4. It is a step up from a Segwey.

    A small step.

  5. Boy, Howdy. That thing is a far cry from the old Dodge Polara I first strapped on to my ass after coming home from the Southeast Asian War Games.

    I dunno if that thing is real, I do know that the cars they have today couldn't carry half the crap we went out with.