Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why College Isn't Worth It

Graham McMillan was running for student government.

To help people remember his name, he tells them "Graham, like the cracker."

On his campaign signs, he told people to vote for Graham "Cracker" McMillan.

The Neo-Naziesque campus speech/thought police "'recommended that he either remove the signs or cover the word 'cracker' with tape and he opted to cover the word,' a university spokesperson told Fox."

The story continues:
'Cracker' is sometimes used as a pejorative term for white people.

"A student affairs staff member used this as a teaching moment to help Graham understand that use of the word 'cracker' with his name could be perceived as derogatory by some," the university spokesperson said.

So who might be offended by the "Graham Cracker" campaign signs?

The university didn't say and McMillan had no idea.
Weird thing is, McMillan is white, so you'd think it'd be ok, the same way black people are allowed to call each other derogatory names.

Maybe they're just offended because he didn't spell it "cracka"?


  1. There is no perjorative for "white people" because being white isn't shamefull. Multiple attempts to create such a perjorative have all failed for that reason. It isn't about the words, it is about the underlaying concept behind the words. Conversely, no matter what the new word for gay is, that word will instantly become perjorative because homosexuality is shamefull. The professionally offended groups constrantly change the words as if they can find one that will turn the base behavior or condition into the preferred option. But that is futile. If you change the value of the underlaying behavior or condition, then what you call it no longer matters.

  2. Holy. Crap.

    That being said in the kindest, least hurtful sense about crap.