Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can You Find It?

The Puppy Blender pops an interesting topic: can you find your flashlight in a blackout?

I once got caught in a blackout with no idea whatsoever where my nearest non-120VAC light-source was.

Since then I've scattered flashlights about the house like freakin' cat toys (and I've got 5 cats, so that should tell you something.)

Went to Amazon & got 7 of these bad boys (to qualify for free shipping). They even come with free batteries, and they'll stay lit for about 24 hours straight. Put one next to everywhere you normally sit in the house, and a power outage will never be a problem for you.


  1. Nearly five years ago (January 2007): major outage from ice storm damage (damn globull warming). While were were only without power for a little over a couple of weeks, much of the rest of America's Third World County was w/o power for most of the month. Most of the larger businesses were able to make accommodations and most families coped pretty well (well, this is America's Third World County, where limited scope power outages can easily be caused by squirrels line-dancing on power lines). "Government housing" enclaves and all local government and school system facilities were hardest hit, as far as I could tell.

    Oh, and flashlights? Well, we used our candles and oil lamps to light our way to flashlights for use where candles and oil lanterns/lamps weren't best to use. Stored our freezer contents outside on the deck in chest "coolers", since the temps were consistently in the teens or below for the month. Had to hyper-insulate refrigerated foods to keep them from freezing.

    Cycled car batteries for some minor electrical uses (small inverter for some, some very small DC stuff, etc.)

    Water was a semi-problem. One water tower for the town. Gravity-fed to users, but filled via electrically-powered pump. Three small towns in the county shared a generator to keep water topped up (and power water treatment facilities). So... fill bottles (bottles that had had stored water), treat w/couple of drops of bleach, cycle, every time water was back on. Kept oil heater running in the area where plumbing was most vulnerable to freezing.

    Oh, electric stove? Propane camp stove (had PLENTY of propane on hand) and, outside, the charcoal grill. Ground coffee beans with manual grinder.

    Never really dented the pantry.

    Grateful for camping trips with grandparents (and master carpenter and all-around handyman grandfather who taught me all my lil sponge head would absorb).

    Our "good" neighbors were similarly situated: no problems whatsoever. Our (at the time) "bad" neighbors camped out at his parents' house. Dodged a bullet there. Really didn't want even to offer them firewood, so got lucky I didn't have to. (Yeh, yeh, shame on me. *heh*)

    Oh, BTW, yeh, I can put my hand on a couple of flashlights PDQ. In the dark, with my eyes closed. OK, I cheat. One's a cap light. ;-) I do like those flashlights you linked. Have a handful or three of similar lights, 9-LED, pretty bright, fit a pocket really easily. Nice.

  2. I have no trouble finding my way around my house in the pitch black. Good memory and sense of direction, I guess, so no problem finding the main flashlight that always sits in the laundry room. From there, I can use that one to fetch camping gear from the garage and find all the other flashlights.

    In a pinch, the flash from the short barreled revolver is quite blinding, but that would be sort of a waste of ammo. :)