Thursday, December 8, 2011

Courtesy Linkage

John Hawkins of Right Wing News did a survey on the GOP 2012 field, in which I participated:

1) If you had to pick a 2012 GOP contender today, which of the following candidates would you select?

Newt Gingrich - he talks too much without saying anything, and he's wobbly on principles, but he's enough of a political animal that the Tea Party folks in Congress will be able to keep him in line, because that's the way the political winds are blowing, and Newt's a windsock.

2) Which candidate would you LEAST like to see as the GOP nominee in 2012?

Mitt Romney - Might as well re-elect Obama.

3) If your top choice couldn't get the nomination, which candidate would be your second choice?

Rick Perry - another "pressurable politician". Plus he sounds like he just kinda hates Democrats in general, so listening to his speeches would be fun.

4) Do you consider Newt Gingrich to be a conservative?

Yes - but not necessarily a wise or principled one.

5) Do you consider Ron Paul to be a conservative?

Yes - to the degree that a libertarian can fall into that category

6) Do you consider Mitt Romney to be a conservative?


7) If you had to choose between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, which candidate would you select?

Newt Gingrich

8) Which candidate do you think would be more likely to beat Barack Obama in 2012?

Newt Gingrich - I'm not saying Mitt, because Mitt's a worse "conservative" than John McCain was, and Romney couldn't even beat HIM.


  1. Didn't Romney lose the first time around because he and Huckabee ended up splitting the conservative votes, which allowed McCain to win?

  2. I could pretty much copy and paste your responses as my own. I'd add in Gingrich's favor (to balance a LOT I hold against him *heh*) that despite his many convenient "memory lapses" whenever he leaves a room--just about any room with people in it--the average IQ drops. This, combined with his massive ambition, is what makes him the kind of political windsock small "d" democrats should value. His principles are defined by his self-promotion. With such a man, all that's really needed is to show him that his self-interest is best served by listening to TEA Party folks calling on him to "Gee" while the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and its partners in treason are calling for him to "Haw".