Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Lot of Both

Via Abstruse Goose, this is simultaneously the most depressing and most inspiring chart you'll ever see.

Big picture: we are bricks.

When it comes to hearing, most animals have us beat all over the place. And we may have the advantage of color vision, but we're pretty low on visual acuity for a predator species.

Add in a third dimension to that graph - smell - our chunk of the sensory pie starts looking pretty gloomy by comparison.


There is not one single part of that graph that humans can not reach out to with mechanical devices and bring into our little chunk of the spectrum, if we so choose.

Because, unlike other animals, we KNOW we're limited by our senses.

And we decided to do something about it.

Like I said - inspiring.


  1. I figure if animals were so much better than we are, our situations would be reversed (and we would never have something like that chart to look at since we wouldn't be doing a damned thing but trying to find food out in the woods). Ha.

  2. But... but... we have INTERNET!

  3. We have Internet, iPhones, and thumbs!

    (and, with my annual Christmas cold/sinus infection, my sense of smell has totally tanked, so I'm now feeling really inadequate. Thanks for that.)