Friday, December 2, 2011

Right Fact, Wrong Conclusion

From a Wall Street Journal piece arguing that America needs more government controls:
The current debates about China's currency, the trade imbalance, our debt and China's excessive use of pirated American intellectual property are evidence that the Global Revolution-coupled with Deng Xiaoping's government-led, growth-oriented reforms-has created the planet's second-largest economy. It's on a clear trajectory to knock America off its perch by 2025.

Um... China has 4 times our population, yet economically, they're still in a VERY distant second place. Shouldn't that be considered evidence that their economic system is, shall we say, somewhat... lacking?

Commie apologists make me sick.

Seriously, WSJ, why are you giving this moron Andy Stern the time of day, much less column-inches?


  1. Not just the population size, but the fact that over half of them still live like fuedal peasants.

    Also, it isn't just the Chinese who ignore our IP laws. The whole rest of the world does. If they have the capability to copy it, they see that capability as belonging to them. They cannot understand our own slavish policy of handing out government issued monopolies on products than anyone can produce.

  2. Worse, the Chinese economy is pretty much a paper tiger. When it crashes (and signs are pretty strong that it will in the relatively near future), it'll not have the resiliency built in that most Western economies still have, to one degree or another.