Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seriously, Though, It's Time

Via CBS:
The U.S. Postal Service on Monday morning announced major budget and service cuts.

As a result of the $3 billion in cuts, first-class mail that used to take just one day to deliver will now take two to three days. Stamps will also rise in cost by 1 cent to 45 cents, starting next month.


Nobody's talking about the elephant in the room?

Nobody's even going to whisper the words "legalize the private delivery of first-class mail"?

Nobody's going to suggest that it's WAY past time to let FedEx and UPS get into the letter-delivery business?

Fine. Then I won't either.


  1. Where FedEx and UPS are showing profit, growing and expanding, the USPS' losses are incredible.

  2. My only problem with privatizing the USPS is my mail. It's easy for the private outfits like Fed-Ex and UPS to make a profit in the big and medium sized cities. Out here in Resume Speed, Texas, there is simply NO WAY for mail to be delivered at a profit. Period.

    Yes, the Postal Unions are a big problem and the union work rules cause extra cost. Still, that can be beat. What cannot be beat is that the USPS is part of the glue that holds the Nation together. And glue ain't free.

  3. No longer deliver 1st class mail in one day...

    I haven't seen them deliver 1st class in one day since I don't know when. I normally figure on at least three days for first class.

    Do you mean 1-day in the same town? We can't guarantee that since the mail from here goes to another town to get processed. Even fedex/ups overnight takes two days.

    But I really would miss home mail delivery. Our post-persons (we have both men and women delivering to our place) have been very good and very helpful. Most often, if something's too big for our roadside mailbox, they bring it to the door, rather than leaving the "come and get it" tag.

  4. I'd be curious to see someone run the numbers and estimate what daily home mail delivery would cost as a subscription service.

    And would anybody sign up for home delivery if it were, say $10/month?

    I've got a Post Office nearby, so I might opt to pick up my own. On the other hand, I'm kinda lazy, so I might pay.